Lakshan Dharmapriya

Off Season
was made from July-September 2022, whilst living and working on a sled dog yard in the northern reaches of Norway. Working animals offer an intriguing intersection between ordered human society and the wild systems of nature. For a human to get the most out of an animal, one must submit to its natural cycles; huskies must rest in the warmer weather for risks of overheating. They play, they fight, they organise the hierarchy of their pack before the bitter Scandinavian chill. When the cold returns, so does their winter coat. Then they work, they run. 

It is an insight into nature’s systems, how it balances, how it gives and takes away, how it sustains. It encourages us to rest, play and cry with the same intensity that we work; to not solely live for the promised fruits of ambition but also for everything between.

Limited run of 15: Off Season Book

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